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Card Caddy




The Card Caddy is a card is a portable card carrying case that also converts into a draw and discard tray. It has a circular opening for easily viewing what cards are in the Card Caddy. Multiple Card Caddies can be linked together to create a chain of card trays. They are available in single decker, double decker, and surprise — soon available is the Triple Decker Card Caddy. A single Card Caddy can hold a standard deck of cards or roughly 40 cards that have been double-sleeved. 


 Card Caddys are made from a very durable plastic. It has bumps and dimples in the plastic that keep the Card Caddy closed shut, protecting your cards. If you want to see the true testament of quality of the Card Caddy — view this video.



There is no artwork. However, the Card Caddy is available in a variety of colors such as white, black, red, and blue. 


The Card Caddy is easy to open and close. And, securely holds cards. 

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