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Clear The Decks!

Your goal is to sink the Enemy Ship by destroying the Hull card in each of its sections, while keeping your ship safe. You work with the other players by sharing resources and discussing strategy, but fire your own three Cannons independently. Whether working alone or with a team, can you defeat the Enemy Ship? It’s time to Clear the Decks!

BoardGameGeek Rating: — — MSRP: $ — —  Players: 1–4 Ages: 10+  Playtime: 30–90 Min Designers: Chris Pinyan Year: 2019

About the Game

Clear the Decks! was created by Chris Pinyan. It’s a family friendly, cooperative, ship-to-ship, combat card game for 1–4 players. The goal of the game is to cause enough damage to the various sections of the enemy ship to reveal sections of the hull and create leaks. If you cause enough leaks, you sink the enemy ship winning the game. Check it out on Kickstarter!

In the Box

3 two-sided enemy ship boards, 12 player cannon cards, 12 reversible player cannon targeting tokens, 24 reversible enemy counterattack damage and border tokens, 4 reversible enemy disabled cannon and crew tokens, 100 enemy ship cards, 100 player cards, 4 turn order / enemy attack priority cards, and 1 rulebook.


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