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The Short Story: It’s Okay

Hintegers is the social game of figuring out what number someone is thinking of. Each turn, the Hint Giver provides a one word hint related to their category, and secretly selects a number 1 through 10. The other players then play a card trying to match the number. Stumped? Use a lifeline! As the Hint Giver, be sure not to give easy hints as only the players that match get one step closer to winning! The object of the game it get down to having only 3 numbers left in your hand, and you get rid of numbers by successfully guessing (or giving a successful hint!) Laugh and Learn in this thought provoking party game, it’s as easy as picking a number 1 through 10.

BoardGameGeek Rating: — — MSRP: $ 15.00 Players: 5–10  Ages: — —  Playtime: 10–20 Min Publishers: Zafty Games Designers: Frank Alberts Year: 2018


Cards labeled 1–10 are used to guess what number the hint giver is thinking of. There are life lines that can be used the adjust the numbered cards you have available in your hand. The goal is to be the first to three cards left in your hand. If you are the first, you win.


The cards are on the thinner side but made from a nice card stock.


There really isn’t any “art” to H1ntgers. The cards are color coded per player.


The game is not difficult. However, coming up with the answers to clues is another story.



Our Review(s)

My rating: 6.2 by Beth Klaser
While we played together with a group of friends, again, I am taking on the review portion this week by myself as Aaron is dabbling in other things this week. Don’t worry too much. He’ll be back. In the meantime, you can watch him on Twitch.Hintegers is a broken down, basic, form of Dixit that a group of up to ten can play. There are no photos, instead photos are color coated. The clue giver provides a clue to the group. Hint: don’t make the clues so simple that everyone gets it but so that at least one person in the group gets it . The Hint giver assigns a number to there answer. The person who guesses the clue and lays down the correct number — wins.Overall, I found Hintegers to be okay. I’m not huge on party games but will pull them out when we have family or friends over. I just felt like there wasn’t much to it. I’d definitely keep it in my collection of party games as it is easy to explain the rules (10 minutes or less). It’s small enough that it can be easily tossed in a purse or bag and can be played in a restaurant — if you’d like. And, it plays quickly. All bonuses to party styled games.

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A copy of Hintegers was provided to us free for review by the developer.


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