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Kitten Casualty


The Short Story: Meh.

Kitten Casualty is an epic kitten sacrificing, player elimination style game. Players build their kitten armies, collect the 5 legendary pieces and save the rare action cards for the ultimate killer kitten combo. Players take turns growing their kitten points with a goal to reach 500 points. Once achieved a player can summon the Dark Overlord to eliminate another player from the game. With not one but two different ways to eliminate a player, the other way is by collecting all 5 kitten Lord pieces to unleash mayhem upon another sorry victim. The last man standing wins the game.Various action cards throughout the deck can heavily influence the outcome of the game too, such as killing another player’s kittens, stealing the Kitten Lord pieces or reviving yourself back from the dead.

BoardGameGeek Rating: 7.5 MSRP: $ Players: 2–5 Ages: 8+  Playtime: 10–30 Min Publishers: Total Fame Limited Designers: Total Fame Limited Year: 2017


A kitten sacrificing, dark overlord building, elimination type game.


The cards are a great quality card stock. They have a shiny, protective coat. They are a little hard to shuffle.


I enjoy the artwork. The kittens are absolutely adorable. 


Kitten Casualty is easy to teach and learn.



Our Review

Our rating: 5.8

Kitten Casualty is a 2–5 player card game created by Total Frame Limited in in Auckland, NZ. In the beginning each player is dealt a total of five cards. During the players turn they draw one card from the middle pile and playing up to three cards, in front of them, at a time. The goal is to collect 500 kitten points to obtain the Dark Overlord to help over throw and kill off one of the other players. Collect the five legendary Kitten pieces within the deck and defeat an enemy.

Kitten Casualty is quick, little, card game. We played multiple games with two players. When we were done I was left feeling like there was something missing. It seemed too easy to get to 500 points and then you just easily killed off the other player — game over. The few times we played it was fun to steal each others kittens. The artwork is fantastic. It’s both fun and appealing. The cards are coated in a waterproof material so they can be played with drinks and clumsy friends around without panicking. I would suggest Kitten Casualty as a “party” game, not necessarily with two players. As always, you decide. 

The great news? Kitten Causality was already funded and released. Check it out, here. Coming soon — Kitten Casualty Remastered Edition 2018.

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Disclaimer: We received a copy of Kitten Casualty free from the publisher in exchange for our honest review. This by no means sways our opinion. Opinions provided are our own.


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