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Mad Love


The Short Story: Meh.

Believing you’ve made the archaeological discovery of a lifetime, you and your intrepid partner enter the lost pyramid of Naal’ru, only to be immediately trapped in an endless Lovecraftian Dreamscape full of maddening visions of terror. Mad Love is a co-operative pocket card game of memory and deduction for 2 people played with a deck of just 18 cards.

BoardGameGeek Rating: — — MSRP: $ Players: 2 Ages: 10+  Playtime: 5–10 Min Publishers: Imp House LLC Designers: Darth Rimmer Year: 2018


Mad Love is a micro memory, bluffing game for two players that happens to be set in the Lovecraft Universe. It was created by Imp House LLC.


Basic card stock. Would be nicer if they where linen since the game includes a lot of card sliding.


Flat comic book styled art themed to Lovecraftian. 


Because of the confusion with the game play, it is difficult. 



Our Review

Our rating: 5.0
Aaron: I’m not a fan of most Cthulu games. I, personally, feel that the Cthulu theme is over used. The Lovecraftian/Cthulu theme has added confusion to every game I’ve played than is necessary. The rules were rather confusing, we received some rule upates from the game creator. But, I found the game itself confusing. We tried to play several times. It took watching videos from the game creator to fully understand the movements being explained. It’s the awkward mechanics that make the gameplay confusing. It really felt as if I was taking two turns in a row. Because the game is a memory / strategy game there is so much to remember in moving of cards. Once you forget, all strategy is out the window and it becomes purely luck. It’s a good idea on paper. It’s unique. And, I really like the strategy. I’m just not sure there is a solution for clarifying the confusion. The cards could benefit from being made from a linen material as the sliding and rubbing cards along a table will damage the materials. If not, purchasing some sleeves is a great option. 
Beth: While Aaron is not a fan of Cthulu games, I personally love the theme. For me, it’s like zombies. I will watch any and every zombie movie I can. I love the different takes producers have on specific themes. The same goes for the Cthulu themed games. I love the art for this game. It’s dark. The game creator and artist hit the nail on the head with the Lovecraftian art. I sat and read the rulebook several times. At one point, I put it down and walked away. I watched the videos sent to me to make sure I was playing correctly. I like to give games a fair shot. The game play is confusing. I pushed a dream to Aaron, he’d take it, complete the action and take the card into his hand… and then it was his turn….again. At one point I had no cards in my hand, which isn’t supposed to happen. The strategy is good on paper — pushing dreams to one another without speaking and getting the option to dismiss the bad dreams — if you can remember where they are. It was very awkward for me to take a dream that was pushed to me, play it, and then take it into my hand. I often found myself wanting to discard that card. In the end, we ended up winning our third game. I was really on the cusp of rating this game as Okay. But, it’s just not there for me. As always, you decide. Check it out on Kickstarter, here

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Disclaimer: We received a copy of Mad Love free from the publisher in exchange for our honest review. This by no means sways our opinion. Opinions provided are our own.


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