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Pixel Glory Light & Shadow


The Short Story: Incredible.

Team up with fellow wizards to vanquish the sinister monsters that lurk in the dungeon, and save the nearby village. This is a noble and honorable quest, and… oh, who are we kidding? In reality, you’re a greedy wizard who is all about fame and personal gain, and your fellow wizards are cut from the same cloth! Prevail over your opponents by learning the best spells and using that knowledge to outmaneuver and kill-steal in the dungeon, so you can gain admiration of the townsfolk, fame across the realm, and achieve Pixel Glory.

BoardGameGeek Rating: 8.6 MSRP: $ 25.00 Players: 2–4 Ages: — —  Playtime: 25 Min Publishers: Zafty Games Designers: Frank Alberts Year: 2017


A deck building, dungeon crawling, monster killing, wizard card game.


The cards are a good quality card stock. There was no tearing, shearing, or rips noticed while sliding them across our coffee table. 


I really enjoy the art for this game. It is simple but, 


This game is not difficult. It can be easily learned in ten minutes or less via the well laid out rulebook or videos.



Our Review

Our rating: 8

Pixel Glory — Light and Shadow is created by Zafty Games. It is a standalone sequel to Pixel Glory. However, the two new versions (Light and Shadow) can be played alone or combined with the original Pixel Glory. It features new spells, monsters, elements, and game modes.

Pixel Glory Light and Shadow is played in two phases; the town phase and the dungeon phase. In the town phase players take sets of bidding cards numbered 1–9. Players take turns bidding on spells that are placed between them. All players choose a numbered card as their “bid”. The highest bidder get to select a spell first. Then second highest, and so on. This happens until all players run out of auction cards. When players run out of auction cards they shuffle the deck of spells and basic attacks they have acquired. 

Players then enter the next phase, the dungeon phase. Players start by drawing four cards from their decks. They use these cards to fight three monsters at a time. Players are required to play all of the hands in their deck with the exception of the one card they are allowed to place into their reserve. If players kill a monster zero damage is taken and the active player that kills the monster gets fame. If the active player kills two or more monsters in a single turn they receive a health. If players do not kill a monster on their turn, all players take damage. The active player takes two, all others take one. But, the active player gains a combo point which can be later redeemed. To complete a turn, draw four cards, and then it’s the next players turn. The game is over when either all players die or they defeat all of the monsters. 

We played two separate times and won both times! Although, we fought for glory. Aaron won once, and I won once based on final glory. Pixel Glory Light and Shadow is one of the easiest games we’ve learned. The rulebook was well laid out and easy to understand. And, Zafty Games even created a video just in case some rules need more clarification or you are more of a visual person. I really enjoyed the dungeon crawl, card game mix. It doesn’t take up a ton of space so we could just play at our coffee table or even a restaurant table — if you dare. You’ll find that this is ideal for me…Pixel Glory Shadow and Light is to Pokemon Red and Blue. The art work is meant to look and feel as if you are playing an older styled Japanese role- playing video game. The cards are pretty good quality. I did not notice any ripping along the edges after sliding them across our coffee table. I would definitely suggest adding this one to your game collection. The only complaint I had was that due to the pixelated art it was a little hard to see. I would definitely suggest getting your FLGS to order Pixel Glory Light & Shadow, if they don’t already have it. 

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Disclaimer: We received a copy of Pixel Glory Light and Shadow free from the publisher in exchange for our honest review. This by no means sways our opinion. Opinions provided are our own.


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