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Yard of the Month


The Short Story: It’s okay

In the pristine little neighborhood of Gnome Crossing, the competition for the highly coveted award of “Yard of the Month” is fierce. The residents will stop at nothing to win, including sabotaging their neighbors’ yards. Some gnomes grace the gardens, while others bring disgrace and weeds. Who will be the first to successfully grow 10 flowers in their garden? And who will be the laughing stock of the neighborhood?

BoardGameGeek Rating: 9.3 MSRP: $ — —  Players: 2–6 Ages: 8+ Playtime: 10–60 Min Publishers: BrainBox Gaming Company  Designers: Shane Tuttle  Year: 2016


Plant seeds to grow flowers, play weeds to mess with opponents. Place gnomes to either positively or negatively effect gardens. 


The cards are a pretty decent quality. I didn’t notice any ripping, shearing, or tearing of the cards. 


The artwork is my favorite. It’s simple but aesthetically pleasing.


Yard of the Month is not difficult. It is easy to teach and play. Design with kids in mind.



Our Review

Our rating: 6.9

Yard of the Month is a family- friendly game for 2 to 6 players. Players become neighbors competing for …. you guessed it, Yard of the Month. There are seven cards available — flowers, weeds, hammers, fertilizer, garden tools, and gnomes. The object of Yard of the Month is to become the first player to successfully grow 10 flowers in their yards. This is harder than you’d think. 

We played Yard of the Month several times, with two players. Each time was frustrating. Why? Because every time I planted a seed Aaron would throw a weed into my garden. This meant that my seed could not turn into a flower. And, any flower that may have been planted and grown would have been removed from my yard. I didn’t grow a flower the entire time we played. Gnick and Gnack helped on occasion. 

I really appreciate a good rule book. The Yard of the Month rulebook is one sheet front and back . All the rules are easily explained and the game can be learned in 10 minutes or less. The art work is simple but I found it to be one of my favorite parts. Its very clean. Yard of the Month is family friendly game, which is great. We played through with our eight year old, as well, she really enjoyed it. 

However, I felt that it was better as a two player game. This is because there are only so many cards available in the game and I felt that as a two player game there was more of a chance to get the cards that were needed. I wonder if adding more flower types would change this. Either way, if you are looking for a fun little family game add Yard of the Month to your list. 

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