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Rules and Cheat Sheet

On your turn: On your turn you will take 1 of 4 top row actions and if you are able to pay the resource cost, you may also take the corresponding bottom row action. 


Top Row Actions Basic actions

  1. Move  -  (Move 2 units 1 space each [Can be upgraded] or take coin)  

  2. Produce  -  (Produce resources on quadrants where you have workers)

  3. Trade  -  (Pay some money to obtain some resources)

  4. Bolster  -  (Increase power or take combat card/cards)

Bottom Row Actions – (Cost resources to complete)

  1. Deploy - (cost metal) - Deploy a mech onto an area where you have a worker.

  2. Build - (cost wood) - Build one of your buildings on an area where you have a worker.

  3. Upgrade - (cost oil) - Make your actions more efficient. Move 1 cube from top row to bottom on action board.

  4. Enlist - (cost food) - Gain a recruit, which leads to immediate bonus, and ongoing benefit when opponents take certain actions.


Objectives:  Achieve in any order

  1. Complete 4 mechs. (cost metal)- These will assist with movement, open up new areas of the board for exploration, help with area control, and also with Combat (Each mech in combat lets you add a combat card to increase chances of winning).

  2. Complete 4 Buildings. (cost wood) – These will assist in area control (Each building you put on the board allows you to control a quadrant of the board as though you had a unit there provided none of your opponents have units in that quadrant).

  3. Mine -  Allows you to place a tunnel on the board that is automatically connected to all other tunnels on the board.

  4. Armory – Whenever you take the trade action, the armory also gives you plus 1 power.

  5. Monument – Whenever you take the bolster action, also gain 1 popularity.

  6. Mill – Whenever you take the produce action, the Mill will produce 1 resource as if it were a worker.  Resource will match the territory where the mill is placed.

  7. Complete 6 Upgrades. (cost oil) – Upgrades remove cubes from top row action benefits (granting more benefits of top row actions) and allow you to cover cost of bottom row actions (they become cheaper).

  8. Enlist 4 recruits. (cost food) – Recruits give an immediate 1x bonus, but they give a recurring benefit that you gain every time one of your opponents on left or right complete specific bottom row actions.

  9. Seek out Encounter Cards – These provide immediate benefits when you leader moves into certain spaces.

  10. Get your leader to the central factory – Gives you access to a new action card that only you can take.

  11. Increase your popularity


End Game Scoring: Game ends as soon as one player places their 6th Star.

  • Popularity track determines final multiplier.

  • 3 Final factors:

(1) How many Stars you have placed

(2) How many areas you control (central factory counts as three)

(3) How many resources you possess.

  • Winner is the one who ends the game with the most money.

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